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Tuesday, 30 March 2010
nuclear potato
Mood:  loud
Now Playing: deffy the demented guy

like all good fungus, i enjoy swiming in molted lead, sometimes if it is too cold i add some warm water to it or else i shiver into a grape.

i read some mail after i left the tub of bathingness and it said and i quote" hello oldmanbeefjerky, my name is ******* mc****ington of ****mcsvale, your blog entrys are random, and funny like chef B****

i have a tendancy to write * in areas of importance, anyway i would like you to answer this question as everyone else is too sane to answer it , 'who is osama bin laden', everyone seems to look at me in a stupid way when i ask and they just say 911 man 9 f***ing 11 man, then a fat guy come past and points at something green, any please answer this, it would meen alot to me and my dying grandmother who is in a hospital in (india)."

well mr ****, the answer to your question is a rather simple one

the answer is not who this person is, but when, when is bin laden, is he (ill asume he was hit by the apple not the arrow) at the time of my breakfast when i eat shoes and little bite sized holes, or is he at my 9,oclock tv show.

 when i said i knew the answer i lied, i do not know when bin laden is becuase he is a magical time traveling broccolini disguised as the most wanted terrorist of the planet, he is everywhen and nowhen at the same minute, when he shall broccolini into now is not known, otherwise george bush would have a pink medal saying " i saved a whale", but he doesnt so it is un kown that he is currently is a secret base in the desert of islamabad , underground, forced to live out the rest of his life munching food.

i realy am sorry i could not answer your question of blaarg, please accept my deepest carrot.

have a happy threesday

Posted by oldmanbeefjerky at 12:02 PM NZT
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