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character movies

this page contains links to the character movies, or movies in which the characters are in

motorola ad>> includes george the bean and dr cornn

click to view

hat terminal>> includes generic fat guy,generic thin dude, old man beef jerky and google images whale guy

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george the bean- the first day>> includes random generic talking tucan from google images

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jef movies>> all complete

i have a number of jef movies, to view , please right click and press open in new wndow or open in new tab to veiw these, to save space they are not on the actual website but are part of it

click the name to view the movie, average running time is about 20 seconds so they are classed as mini shows, even the movie which runs for 2 minutes

jef episodes

one way outa jail

invasion of the bla guy

lala men , how theyre dangerous


jef kamakazi fight

jef movie 1

jail break



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character movies

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